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I sort-of have one :P

It was Orlando anime day, and my mom and I had only been there for a few minutes (we were there for only an hour and thirty minutes in total before we left) and I saw two Riku and Xion (Kingdom Hearts) cosplayers walking out the door. Oh my God, I scrambled desperately after them, all, "ADSKLJJFHAFDA RIKU XION~~~!!!!~~~!" They told me "Certainly~!" and smiled when finally caught up and mother and I got their picture. :'D They also invited me to come to something called, ("Operation: Kingdom Hearts," I believe? It was something along the lines, but it had to do with Kingdom Hearts getting into Disney World or something. Idk >>)

And just as my mom and I began walking back someone asked me for my picture.

That was the first time someone ever asked me for a photo. however...I posed horribly and my face twitched when I smiled (Because I was nervous and it was my first time posing), and when I look back on it now, it was embarrassing, but sooo funny at the same time.

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