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Buy/Sell/Trade at Fanime~

Fanime Buy/Sell/Trade Forums:,52.0.html

I'm a bit short on money to buy my badge just yet! Anything you buy will help me and my partner buy our badges. ^_^

Please feel free to ask about the prices some are negotiable.
I only take PayPal.
Please PM me if you are interested, I tend not to notice if I have a reply on the thread.
We can meet at Fanime or I can ship to your location. ^_^

Short Blonde Wig + Clip-on Ponytails - $25.00 [SOLD]
Pink Wig - $15 [ON HOLD]
Short Black Wig - $15 [SOLD]
Long Black/Purple Wig - $18
White Spiked Wig - $27
(Kakashi Hatake)

First four wigs:
Spiked Kakashi Wig:

Purple & Green Parasol's-$8

Black Plastic Fan(VisualYou/Lokisa)-$4

Angry Cat Hat-$7

Tan Heels(Dexter) 8.5US Womens-$10

Short Red Peacock Robe-$10

Len Cosplay-$45

Tokyo Mew Mew5-$30
A little Snow Fairy Sugar3-$23
Haruhi Suzumiya1- $8
Galaxy Angel II1- $8
Love Hurts(Yaoi)1- $11
Drawing Manga; Girls Life Illustration Files- $20
Galaxy Angel DVD+Figures- $25
Naruto Shippuden XS TShirt- $10

Thanks for looking! Keep on Cosplaying~!
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