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Adventure Time!


I plan on being magic man for this years upcoming A-Kon 24.
I would love it if we could get a group of all sorts of AT cosplays together and take pictures, run around, and generally just be awesome together. I know last year there was an AMAZING prince bubblegum and ice queen duet that went and this year I hope that we can expand our AT horizons and get in everyone's favorite peeps :3

So what do you say?

Current AT peeps:
Magic Man - Wonreii
Flame Princess - WantAGuava
Ice Queen - Tamlin
Hunter Wizard - ClassicDavid
Finn and Jake - kikamontanez and her Brother

I set up two different times for photoshoots for us. One is at 3:30PM - 4:00PM on friday, the other is at 8:00PM - 8:30PM on saturday. Let me know which one works best for people because we do need to coordinate some on when we will all be cosplaying. I think between us all we can make some AMAZING shots.

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