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Hey, guys, long time no see! Tumblr has sucked me into their grip, alas... XD

Anways, a few new cosplays for you guys, so sorry, very photo heavy post.

First off, finished Coach!Dean:

Added 2014!Cas to my Castiel rep:

As well as Meta!Misha:

And Leviathan!Cas, which I wore for karaoke at the Supernatural con in Chicago, but sadly only a few pictures exist of. It was a killer makeup job, I swear:

I have a Garth cosplay now too:

And Jo Harvelle is in the works:

Also planning to work on Dean's LARP outfit from LARP and the IT Girl (wig, face paint and all), possibly to make some wings for Cas, and maybe pull together Anna Milton... I've kind of gotten into the SPN cosplay in a big way, you could say. ^^;

And it's been over a year! Usually I move on by now!

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