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Let's see.. I'm going to start writing this down. So far I have..

Inner Group
Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon (That was obvious.)
Sailor Mercury - Open.
Sailor Mars - Possibly Falclon (Open if group extends to Outers.)
Sailor Jupiter - Open.
Sailor Venus - Zaiten (Can switch to another.)

Outer Group
Sailor Uranus - Open.
Sailor Neptune - Falclon
Sailor Pluto - Open.
Sailor Saturn - vietgirl018

Other Group
Sailor Chibimoon - Open
Tuxedo Kamen - Open
Sailor Luna - Myribee
Luna - Rangiku12

Do I have that right? =) Plus there's obviously more, like Starlights, villians, etc, but it'd be awesome to at least get the inner group. :3
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