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I don't think there really is an easy way to get this stuff off. A while back I did a cosplay that required almost full body painting and it took me about two hours to get it all off. I tried Pros-Aide but it didn't seem to do much good. It helped a little with stubborn edges but the best method I found was to soak in the tub for a bit then rub the stuff off with fingers. On me it sorta rolled off, I didn't have to do much scraping. I used a little more paint than Pax in my mixture so I think that helped get it off easier. My friend (who also did nearly full body paint) had a much harder time to get it off than I did. Her paint was old and a different brand so that might have contributed to the difficulty of getting the stuff off as well. Not sure really, but I'd avoid the harsh chemicals since it might damage your skin. A washcloth and lots of time worked best for me.
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