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Originally Posted by Syrinx View Post
hey guys i'm here to bug you yet again! i'm trying to decipher sumia's boots. In your opinion is the pink showing her nylons or is it part of the armor on the shoe (i'm thinking it's her nylon showing)? I'm trying to figure out how to modify a shoe if possible, but i'm not 100% sure what i'm looking at! Sorry about all the questions, but this is the first time in a looooong time i'm making a cosplay in which i'm able to be a person and not my rendition of an animal (ie, Bowser, Amaterasu, Pikachu... etc etc etc) and i really want to do this right! Thanks so much (again)! =^.^=
I'm looking at her concept art and if I had to guess? It's her nylon's showing through a hole in the boots. It looks like it's indented as opposed to raised.
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