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Originally Posted by Sailor Moon View Post
You don't need a badge to be in the outer area, but you will need a badge to get into any panels or events, and the dealers room ... you could just roam the halls if you don't buy a badge, but I dk how entertaining that'll be, lol.
It's alright I'm used not going in those since my cosplay sometimes sucks me dry of money. And usually I don't sit down since if I do people will ask for a photo anyways. I just hope it's not too cold since the only cosplays I have that are not missing anything are rikku (ffx-2 thief) and black rock shooter and maybe kairi. haha thanks :3

masquerade serena (sailor moon) 90%
black rock shooter 100%
gem siren 90%
rikku ffx-2 100%
stocking bunny 100%
bulma bunny 100%
rikku ffx 0%
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