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two cups of coffee, a scone, two cups of water
yogurt with granola, two cups of water
spaghetti with meatballs, carrots, two cups of water

Ran 6 slow miles

two cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal, two cups of water
two fried eggs on a tortilla with cheese, two cups of water
four pieces of pizza, more water

No exercise

a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, two cups of water
two pieces of pizza, two cups of water
a cup of coffee
sauteed brocolli and instant noodles, two cups of water

1x20x15 pushups plus 5 modified push ups, 1x25x15 sit ups, 2x10 hamstrings, 2x12 leg extensions (95 lbs), 2x5 aductors (8 lbs) 1x10x11 triceps (30, 25 lbs) 2x10 biceps (2x15lbs), 2x8 delts (2x15lbs) 2x12 back extension (7 lbs), 2x12 butterfly (5lbs) 2x12 leg press (140, 145 lbs) 2x8 pull ups (40,50lbs assistance) 2x12 shoulder shrugs (2x15 lbs) 2x12 calf raises (90 lbs)
Biked 20 minutes
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