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This'll be my second year going. Iunno are the passes for this year on sale yet? I want to get it ASAP so that my parents can't turn around and say "you're not going!". They can't do that if my pass is already bought and paid for.

My plans are all lined up, but one of them is iffy and that's the idea for Friday's cosplay.

Thursday: Anti-Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts II) - I have an FF Xemnas to go with it.
Friday: Zafina (Tekken) - if I can make it I have Sergei [this is the iffy one]
Saturday: Jinx (GI Joe) - got Beachhead! we'd be excited if we have people join us as more of the Rawhides! -note, we're doing 1987 movie
Sunday: Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) - I even have Wesker xD

All my cosplays are with my friend I'll be staying with. Because we're awesome like that.
They come out on April 1st, but they had a special at Christmas for I think 250 Premium and 500 Deluxe for a special 'low' (if you call $115 low) price... that being said, they will likely be $125 or so this year... good thing is its in BOTH buildings...
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