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Name of Commissioner: Azayakachan

Website/ gallery: DAC.Com Gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game : Mrs.Osono from Kiki's Delivery Service & Kiki from the same. For outfits only. (Plus bow)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: OneTwoThreeFour (Note, Mr. Osono was made by me. Not included in this review)

Timeline (how long your order took to process) November 2011 - Beginning of April 2012

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
I chose Azayakachan after reading her ad on the marketplace here on CosCom. She boasted a background in design and was genuinely friendly. We spoke in the early phases about the cost (Which was very reasonable for two costumes) and decided on a work date. She told us she would begin on our project as soon as payment was made (Nov 2011), telling us she would keep us updated. At first she had many questions and was helpful to all our questions we had in return, but as time went on, communication started to fall apart.

My deadline was set for the end of February/beginning of March as my con was at the beginning of April. She assured me the deadline would be met without delay. Her other projects kept piling up and we heard less and less from her. We did not receive any sort of progress pictures, even when requested, and were lucky to get a response to questions. Deadlines were pushed and pushed and I finally received my costume the day before my convention with no idea if it fit or if it was complete.

She also argued a bit with me about sending it to my hotel, which I was not comfortable with, and had to real fight to get her to priority ship it.

The quality of these costumes were very nice. Colors were spot on and the fabric was thick and well put together. Seams were tidy, she labeled parts for us, and they were all professionally hemmed. They fit well, but hung a bit odd in places. We could wear the costumes for ling periods without getting too hot or worked.

Pros: Friendly, Quality Fabric, Durable Well-Made Costumes, Affordable.
Cons: Excuse after Excuse, Lack of Communication, Missed Deadlines, Lacking Customer Service

Final Grade: C+/B- but leaning towards the C. I would not commission her again because of my experience, but I would not warn people away from her either.


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