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Originally Posted by LiebeSelbstmord View Post
There's tons of stuff to do in Seattle before con! XD First off, I'd like to welcome you to the magnificent world that is Sakura-Con and anime conventions in general! Second, stuff to do. First things first obviously, I always check-in to my hotel first and drop all my stuff off. Like Rhapsodey said earlier, it's gonna be super packed for me this year too cuz we have four people in one room, all cosplayers. And I'll be bringing four cosplays this year as opposed to my usual one or two...ugh... Anywho, then there's checking out the Convention Center to get a feel for where everything is while there's no crowds, picking up badge if you're pre-reg, and walking around Seattle in cosplay (the best part!). There's so much to do in Seattle it's not even funny lol Gameworks, Pike Place, the Waterfront, Space Needle, etc etc. ArdentTenue, I see you're going as Kakashi. If you want someone to hang out with and not feel silly by yourself, I'll be walking around as Sasuke on Thursday with someone else who's cosplaying Konan.
Yeah, that would be fun; Id be up for cosplaying with you both on Thursday. Almost wish I would of gone with my first cosplay choice of jugo now though, lol.
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