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Originally Posted by Maurishio-kun View Post
Well, in my work and in my home I'm very different from the rest, specially in this one.

I'm energic (despite my age cause I'm 27), I love to be positive, I'm sometimes optimistic, I love pop and rock, anime, video games, and cosplay, I love to try new experiences and I hate sedentary life and staying in the same place for long times. In the other hand my workmates are most of them over 40, 50 and even 60 love more vintage music, don't know anything about video games or anime, they have fear to new things and often feel lazyness about me when they hear about my activities, and they're not so positive about life, in fact they use to complain about everything XD

And that what makes me the black sheep of the groups I use to be =P Are you one too? What makes you one?
Let me see if I'm understanding this. According to you -

You - young, active, hip, positive, fun-loving, generally awesome!

Them - old, dull, square, negative, lazy, fearful, complaining, why do they even bother to continue living?

"Black sheep" isn't really the appropriate expression here.
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