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Originally Posted by NeonGenki View Post
I always like it when people think of the reality of things, for example I love it when people who cosplay feferi from homstuck make their necklaces out of shells since she's from the sea, its my own personal taste but I'd rather see lifelike colored shells rather than bright neon beads
This. I've been known to forsake correct detail for realism's sake. Using slightly muted colors for characters who wouldn't have access to brighter dyes, making high heels less ankle-breaking for an active character. When researching for Judal, I stumbled across a cosplayer whose jewelry was sort of a burnished/brushed gold, with wide bangles instead of the usual thin bright gold ones. It caught my eye when the rest of them had faded from memory. I can't find the picture, but I plan on taking the same direction with my cosplay.

But that's my take.

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