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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
I think making a costume which accents your body type is what takes cosplay to the next level. It fits tightly where it needs to be. It fits snugly where it needs to be.
After all, clothes are just there as a tool to upgrade your appearance and likewise for cosplay.
The most defining characteristics of anime character or anything are their curves.
I'm going to take this to another, similar, place and say that I like it when a cosplayer breaks free and modifies the costume to suit their body rather than modifying their body to suit the costume. I feel like there's a mindset that a costume has to be "screen accurate" all the time or it's not acceptable. The fact is that we don't all have the same body type as the character. A good costume belongs to the wearer, not to the character it is modeled after.

Also, interpretation of empty space. The nature of animation and graphic novels means that a character is drawn smaller than life size and simplified. No one wants to animate/repeatedly draw out lots of detail. A faithful cosplay is "accurate," but there's not enough detail to fill all the extra space. It looks empty. Even if they don't appear on the original, I like to see epaulettes, shoulder boards, military cords, beadwork, trim, contrasting highlights, ruffles, patterned fabric, lace, etc.
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