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Valentine's Day rant. You knew there had to be one.
Not so much angry or sad so much as..I feel really out of sorts. Everyone I know is packing up for conventions and one of the only people I talk to all that often will be gone the whole weekend. And our school gave out Valentine's presents yesterday (you can buy roses and candy and get them sent to their homeroom). Friends got roses and the like..I got nothing. Now, that wouldn't be so bad. Then my friend who must have totally forgotten who my crush is, happily informed me one of our friends sent my crush a dozen roses. There goes my confidence. Also, girlfriend and I haven't talked in weeks and I know I need to break it off with her (I'd just had it in my brain that we HAD since we'd stopped talking, but I realize we never really did) but that if I do it anytime today or tomorrow, I'll be known as an asshat for doing it on the day of romance or right after.
Basically..I'm super lonely and want everyone on Facebook to stop macking right in front of me because I'm in a really bad mood. I'm gonna go play TERA to try to cheer myself up and avoid everyone.
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