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With Katsucon less than 15 hours away I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of a few things so that everyone's photoshoots/gatherings may go smoothly. I will continue to update the spreadsheet until late Friday night, but for everyone who will be there tomorrow (or even tonight) have a safe and happy Katsucon!
  • This spreadsheet/list is in no way "Con-Official" Anything a staff member says trumps what is on the spreadsheet. If they ask you to move, please do so.
  • Please try to limit your use of a photo space to the 30 minutes you have spoken for This does not mean your gathering can only last 30 minutes, it just means that after your "official" time with a location is up, please let any waiting group move in to take their pictures and continue your gathering off to the side or elsewhere. I know 30 minutes isn't that long, but due to the large amounts of photoshoots happening this year it is kind of unavoidable
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