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My cosplay goal

Wow, there are a ton of responses on this thread! But I guess it will be good to join, if not at least for self-motivation

So, this year I plan to do a group cosplay with some friends, and I am cosplaying as Princess Zelda, from Ocarina of Time.

I really love this game and I love Zelda as a character. I noticed that there are a ton of Twilight Princess version cosplays of her, but next to none from OoT. I really want to do this cosplay well, and part of that is having the figure... At least she's not as unrealistically proportioned as many other female video game characters but...I have a ways to go. My biggest concern is my tummy area and upper arms specifically.

As for where I am with exercise and diet: me and my cousin have been working out regularly at least 5 days a week. We start with cardio-a 30 minute jog, and then weights and leg and ab workouts. The ab workouts are where I could really use some help...I've been doing crunches and sit-ups but I feel like they are straining my back more than anything else.
Diet: My family eats pretty healthy already, as for me, I usually just have a light breakfast and then dinner later on. If I do have a snack, it's always fruit or yogurt. My only real weakness is sweets...if they are in the house I will inevitably eat them.

Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated!
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