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Originally Posted by Darkspine29 View Post
It appears the worst case scenario has reared it's head. The official word from Katsucon is that THE GAZEBO AND THE DOORS ACROSS FROM IT WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR PHOTOSHOOTS THROUGHOUT THE CON Here is the link if you don't believe me.

What does this mean if you're group was scheduled to have shoot there? I honestly don't know. Quite frankly this is a huge bomb to drop on guests the day the convention starts but at this point there is not much we can do. If your group has a photoshoot at either the gazebo itself or the doors across from the gazebo I would suggest meeting up as close to the foyer as you can, and then moving to another spot. The fountains are still available for use, but please respect the groups who signed up for shoots at the fountains to begin with. Groups who did sign up for a shoot at the fountain, try and share as best you can. We are all trying to make the best of a terrible situation.
I will be available to put down any last minute changes on the schedule through Saturday morning You can either post here or PM me directly, though a PM I will likely respond to quicker.
I know this sucks but try and keep a positive attitude and remember this is not the BBYO's fault. Please be as respectful to their convention goers as possible, as well as the Katsucon staffers, as they are probably just as frustrated as we are. No need to make a bad situation worse by giving Katsucon a bad name and endangering our chances of being able to use the Gaylord next year.

I hope everyone is still able to enjoy the con to the fullest, keep your head up.
If so I blame Katsucon to the fullest extent possible. If Katsucon doesn't have the sense to reserve pretty much the best photoshoot area. It'll be the last time I go. I'd also hate to say it but these "Jewish followers" are going to have a hard time for Katsucon is LOUD. They aren't going to have a very peaceful time. Just think about it Angry Otakus + Loud Music + ridiculously huge costumes = A big mess and a lot of noise. I doubt they'll make it out without harassment either. They picked probably the worse weekend possible to come to the Gaylord.
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