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Sorry for party rockin'.
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Wow guys, I had no idea this was a problem. I was at the con yesterday to pick up my badge and came across the youth group. I did not realize they were not allowing people to use the gazebo. I want to apologize for anyone who had or may have trouble using the space. However, I encourage you to speak with hotel and convention staff if you run into any problems, they are there to help. The Gazebo is supposed to be public space, if anyone tells you otherwise, please seek out hotel staff. If you happen to see me (I will be cosplaying Russia with a knitted scarf this morning and Praxis (all in black and an eye patch) in the afternoon), I am available to help if need be and I will have the photogatherings list on me.

I really hope this does not discourage anyone, and though I am not a staffer I assure you that Katsucon would want you all to be able to use the spaces available for the best possible photos. Taking photos is part of the convention and keeps con-goers happy. I apologize again if anyone has run into any trouble.
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