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Originally Posted by DireKitty View Post
Something that should be added is that AN is not the place for newborns. I have seen many Facebook posts suggesting they want to take their newborn to AN. Common sense suggests this is a bad idea (for many reasons besides the following...). I'm not sure why people think its a brilliant idea because newborns do not have the immune system to handle the various illnesses around. It is very dangerous when infants become sick. Last year in May there were tons of illnesses going around. It is not worth the risk. Wait until your child is 3 months old and has built up some immunity. Feel free to take your baby to the park, to your friends house etc. but keep them away from 25k people swarming around in close quarters.
Plus a 3 year old can enjoy it more. Your infant, you are bring along to come to this for your benefit and not theirs. If you really want to go get a baby sitter for that day.

You couldn't bring a bay to amusement park unless you had a horde of kids and one parent would be with the baby at all time to watch them away from the crowds. Large cons kind of have the same rules in that regards and a Con is nothing but large crowds. lol

As to getting sick. I've only caught one thing is the during the 11 years of going to cons and that was during FanExpo last year. There was some serious bug going around at that time and i got hit pretty bad with it on the Sunday (to the point I was worried about passing out).

I fallow the same rules in the service industry. Before you touch anything like food wash your hands and open the door with you shoulders or hips. lol If your no where near a bathroom then make sure to use wrapper/tool to eat your food with and don't touch your food with your body.

Airborn pathogens doing the above helps as well.

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