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Question Marshall Lee axe bass help?

Hello. I'm new here, so I'm not positive that this is where it goes. But I'm cosplaying Marshall Lee at Anime North in May. And I have run into an issue.

I'll start by stating the fact that in fan art and past cosplays everyone gives Marshall the same axe bass that Marceline has. BUT, in the leaked episode I watched featuring him, he has a different shaped bass then Marceline. This episode officially airs this Monday, well before Anime North. My problem is I would much prefer to do the same axe bass as Marcelines for Marshall as I see it to be a lot simpler and less expensive. But not if it's at the expense of my cosplays success. I'm the kind of person who likes to get my cosplays as perfect as my skill level allows me to, and I also like getting a lot of pictures taken of my cosplay. It makes me feel like I did well. My question is weather or not having the same axe bass as Marceline even though the episode featuring Marshall clearly makes it known that his is different, will effect the success of my cosplay at all, because by that time people will know his is different. What would you rather see for Marshall? Would it make you like the cosplay less if Marshall didn't have the bass from the episode?

Just let me know your input on which I should do.
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