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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
Does anyone have anything good to say about this show? Did anyone every see the second show? Isn't that the one with George Takei and Yaya Han?
Seeing Yaya Han actually inspired me to watch her on deviantART. Never heard of her before, but she's quite the talented cosplayer.

Originally Posted by CosplayerKirito View Post
Seems most people just want to complain about the show. I enjoy it. Yeah, they're commercializing nerds, but who cares? Danielle, for example, is a reporter of sorts on the latest news and updates for WoW and LoL. She's been portrayed as a complete bitch in the show, but she's really not. I had the chance to interview her a couple years back, and she's a very nice person. Very humble.
I agree with you about Danielle, as I saw Joshua (Jovenshire) interview her and two other contestants on a bonus segment on a channel that he co-hosts (Smosh Games), and the networks love to take things out of context and mix up things to make you like or dislike certain people.
Still, it's not the fact that they're commercializing nerds that upsets me: it's the aftermath of said commercializing. I mean, most people don't take what they see on TV with a grain of salt. They'll watch an episode of the Big Bang Theory, then go up to someone they deem a nerd and ask them to do science stuff. (Obviously that's an exaggerated example, but the point remains.) This is why the show is a bad idea in my opinion.

Well, since Joshua/Jovenshire is no longer there, I wash my hands of this show.
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