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Originally Posted by darth_horo View Post
3 months? Hell, wait until they're three years old is more like it. I know there's a thing about immersing kids into a new environment, but they'll easily get scared at that age, and I don't think it'd leave a good mark on the kid. Plus, bumping and close proximity to lots of other people - there's no telling how easy it'd be for a kid to get injured.
Well 3 months is the bare minimum before their immune system can handle things like being around a large group of people. I personally wouldn't bring a child until they are a few years old and can handle being dragged around for part of a day because even at 3 months you are basically in the hotel room feeding for a fair chunk of the day and staying away from the TCC due to the sound barrier (giant headphones for airplane peoples? lol).

.... but I have caught 2 posts from mothers-to-be on the AN forum asking about bringing a newborn to the con (1 thinking they would need a wheelchair..... so assuming this baby will basically have the gunk cleaned off and then dumped in a sea of 25k people).
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