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Originally Posted by flash1616 View Post
Oh man, are you going to be Mona?! That'll be so cute!
Hahahahahaha yes, cute or terrifying depending on who you are!! Here's a work in progress shot LOL.

Originally Posted by harudae View Post
Sadly my reading week is the week after Con-G and this week is my midterm week. D:

I'm excited though! Looking forward to a con after all my schoolwork's done~ Gonna work on cosplays this weekend. "orz
Same for me!! But we just had all our crazy assignments and presentations this week, so luckily I'll have a bit of con-prep time

Originally Posted by Dart:Dense Boy View Post
Excuse me, ahem *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh *

Also when we've been into the hotel it's felt fairly warm so you'll probably be ok.
HAHAHA all my cosplay choices are so Canadian retro. I am glad you enjoy them!! And that's cool! Maybe I'll bring Cybersix after all.
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