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Originally Posted by Dark1WingAngel View Post
Alright i am still a maybe for A-kon, but i need a little more working out before i am ready and should be golden for a Supressed SSJ Broly for A-kon..... Gotta lose like 10lbs and get leaned out again, been slacking on my diet but i should be ready by then!
There is no way i will have the body of Vegeta in time unless i find the dragon balls and wish for it

i Am trying i have psuhed my self to tears trying so i can udnerstand your pain

Though mine might work do to the fact budget is forceing me to do bad man vegeta
i have a lerning disbalaity so Please Bare With Me

A-kon Cosplay List

Nick ( Left for dead 2 )
Luigi ( super mario Brothers
Kaito Tenjo ( yugioh zexal if i can get my wig fixed in time @_@ ) If not
Yusei Fudo ( yugioh 5ds )

I Am The Thread Killer Fear me !!! ( its a bad joke ^_^ )

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