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I keep needing to kick myself in the head for nitpicking myself too much.

For some odd reason, possibly a change in medication, my anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies have been worse this past year. So with both come needless nitpicks at aspects of my cosplays. S Saturn is improving drastically and in the progress left I haven't done anything irreversible to it, but I still really need to be careful to not end up taking apart something that turned out perfectly good and potentially ruin it.

Current list of S Saturn nitpicks that I'm working on: Stuff the shoulder petals with craft foam (the petals have been safely taken apart, just need to cut out craft foam and stuff), make the final bust armor now that I've got the pattern tweaked and a fresh batch of lycra, redraft collar pattern and attach via snaps on facing, and make a new choker because I suddenly found the way I made it half-assed.

Man, there would really be nothing stopping me from immediately moving onto Super Saturn after this, either. XD Pretty much all I'd need to do anyway is make a collar with a single white stripe, make another bust armor with the Super sleeves, make another choker, make another pair of glove bands (hilariously the hardest part, since I have to sew it very painstakingly to avoid puckers), and make a long-tailed back bow. I really wish I could afford and be able to travel to more than one con a year.
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