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These are just a few helpful tips I've learned over the years.
(just realized this may also go into "Surviving a convention." Sorry for any repeats.

I cannot stress this enough.
If your feet are unhappy, YOU are unhappy.
Yours Truly made that mistake with a pair of 3" heels at her very first con. Never. Again.
I've been to multiple cons at that convention center, and I used to work the International World Trade gift shows there twice a year for my previous job. That center is enormous! Prepare to easily walk a few kilometers in the first day alone.

Snack Time!
Pocket sized snacks will work.
Protein snacks and water (electrolyte infused water is good). The food there is expensive (but the nachos are good), and the line at the Starbucks tends to not move that quickly.

Bring cash.
Most of the boothies (if not all) will accept credit cards. But, you never know about that one random booth that has the perfect manga to can't live without, yet they're having issues with their cell service and can't get the Cube to work to swipe your card. Also, the ATMs will charge at least $3 per transaction.

Prepair a personal kit.
Ladies, you know this will all end in tears if you don't keep track of the calendar...
In general, asprin will help those "I'm so excited, I can't see straight!" Disneyland-fever headaches.
Be 100% diligent in taking your medication (if you have any.)

Buddy System
This is a fickle tip...
Bring a friend, or meet at least one person that you click with and you both agree to hang out while you're there. That'll mean you're not completely alone, and you can feel less exposed when the sun goes down and you're exhausted from the whole experience. I've found that a lot of people understand the importance of this, and most people are good-hearted. Swap numbers so you can meet up between --or for--your respective panel-viewings, or game time (or karaoke). Who knows? You may wind up saying "I really enjoyed hanging out with 'so-and-so' at the con" when you recount your stories to friends and family.
The buddy system is also helpful in case of accidents.

And have fun! ^_^
Just remember that even the old-timers forget the basics, too.
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