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Smile Free Photographer Available at Momocon 2013 (March 8-10)

Hey guys, I opened my schedule for a few free private photoshoots at Momocon, in Atlanta. My photography is basically simplistic with camera and flash, but prefer to find natural light when available. The most I do in post production is use Adobe Lightroom (so no, there will not be crazy flames coming out the eyes or anything).

As mention, I am purposely limiting the shoots, because I will also be doing "Hall Photography" during the con. It will be 4 slots for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (12 total); they are broken in one hour blocks, but the photoshoot will likely be only 30-45 minutes tops (unless its a group or an odd time needed). I am keeping a schedule on Google Docs, so please refer to that before picking a time (Pink = Unavailable, Orange = Other event participating).

Please send a message if interested, the photoshoot is at no cost to you, just your time and cosplay.

Here is pictures from last year's Momocon: Hall Shots and Monkey D. Luffy Photoshoot.

Hope to see you all there.
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