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Thank you TifaIA.

It's not that there aren't ANY delivery places, they're just a decent distance away, and some of them have limited delivery areas that don't include the Anatole. Most of the restaurants nearby are either sit-down or carry-out (aka fast food). The one Asian place I can find is buried in mid-downtown. Food trucks might be your best bet, or take DART into downtown and use my restaurant/delivery map from last year. (Yes, I still have those documents too and will be putting them up for people to download shortly.)

I'm going to check today to see if there's any food places inside the Dallas Market Center. I hope to finish the parking map today between bouts of studying, podcasting, and working as fast as I can on cosplay.

ALSO. If anyone has cosplay tips to be entered into the Cosplayers' Guide to A-Kon, please post them, and I'll include them in the Guide (if they aren't duplicates).
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