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Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
Well... a certain someone doesn't want to do a skit-ish thing for the masquerade... Let alone the masquerade... If I didn't spend so darn long on his I wouldn't care...With all the rivets.... oh so many rivets....

Question: Is a "walk on" - show how his weapon works, la-dee-la-dee-da walk around, etc acceptable for the masquerade? Or are skits mandatory?
Walk ons on great You don't need to have a great skit in order to do the masquerade A lot of walk ons have some music. The key is to move around the stage and show off your costume, strike some poses, and make sure to do a turn around so the stage judges can see all aspects of your costume
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*Sigh* No clue - baby due in June... so we'll see

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