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Makeup primers?

Apologies if this has already been posted here before~

I just wanted to know if there are any drugstore primers that you people could recommend or any that I should stay away from? I have oily skin and I do have red spots and acne scars that I'd like for a primer to fix. And I'd prefer drugstore brands. >.<

I do have Loreal's Studio Secrets primer currently and it unfortunately does not do anything for me. It goes on nicely, but even after I let it completely dry up on my skin, as soon as I start putting on my foundation, it starts caking and it takes clumps of my foundation and starts crumbling and being "pushed around" on my skin (if that makes any sense) ): I did try patting on my foundation and brushing it on with a makeup brush, but it still doesn't stay put and in the end, my pores/scars/redness do not get covered at all. It's the same as when I don't put on a primer, maybe even better.

If it makes any difference, I used Revlon's Colorstay foundation with the primer.

So, any recommendations? ^_^ I was looking into trying Revlon's primer. Perhaps it'll work better since the foundation I use is from the same company. Obviously, I'd like something that won't make my makeup melt off and something that can hold the foundation nicely/lessen the appearance of red spots + acne scars.
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