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I'd like to go to AnimeBoston this year dressed up, but eeee, first time, haha.
Not sure if I can sew, maybe I can learn.
**~ all that can come to my head at the moment ** ~

Characters/series that I like ~
  • Madoka Kaname
    Hachikuji Mayoi

    Puella Madoka Magica
    Dangan Ronpa
    Yuru Yuri
    bleach (I have a bleach cosplay from a few years ago but no character in mind)
Or you can suggest something.

Information about me ;
  • Exactly 5ft.
    Sort of short hair
    Blue eyes
    'tiny' (my mom says that) body
    light skin

I'm not sure if I'd have enough courage to put contacts in, haha.

Replies would be appreciated !!
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