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Originally Posted by novaraven1 View Post
it is cheaper to save up and buy a good wig at the start than to spend money on a cheap wig and the dye supplies and the extensions you will need to make it into a good wig.

my grell wig is from epiccosplay because it is the longest style they have in red and I know that if I used accurate length for grell in any other wig it would tangle and eat me and I'd have a horrible cosplay of des, and not in a fabulous grell way. ^^;

Epiccosplay wigs use slippery wig fibers designed not to tangle and they are easy to brush out using a wig brush after you have worn it without ever needing special wig conditioners or products or three hours of your time. The extra money is worth it to me just for saving that time and frustration and to be able to reuse the wig many more times.
(happy tears) I know what you mean I was wondering if it would tangle to and thanks for the advice on buying an expensive wig then one where you have to spend extra on dying supplies (didn't add that into cost expenses when I thought of it) so my best option is save up and get one with slippery fibers, does epiccosplay still sell this kind? or are there other places to buy some?
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