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Doctor Doom Mask - Wonderflex

I'm in the process of making a Doctor Doom mask. I'm planning on using Wonderflex unless someone can recommend something better.
I just have some questions/thoughts before I start.

Would it be the best idea to just make a mold of the base out of clay and then put some plastic wrap over the mold, then work the Wonderflex over that? Will the heat affect the mold at all? I would work in other details like the furrowed brows and chin area later. I was probably going to make the cheek part in a separate mold so it looks like there's some depth, and then fuse them together.

Anyone know how I would go about the lining around the eye holes? Should I still use Wonderflex for that part? Same question for the dots all over the mask.


Questions, comments, or any sort of help would be greatly appreciated . I've briefly worked with Wonderflex before, but nothing this intricate.

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