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Admiral Daro'Xen Cosplay

I love the Quarian looks, but I wanted to do a different cosplay than all the other Talis' out there. I very much would love to do Admiral Daro'Xen's Armor set. The helmet/hood I have covered. I have the general gist and idea of the fabrics over, but I need help with finding out what the base fabric is. It kind of has a fishnet-like look to it. I would just make the pattern with spoonflower if I wanted to, but It looks like it is textured. I was hoping someone might have an idea?
Here are some high quality views of her armor.
Close front view:
Front full body:
http://aquarianfetishist.deviantart....837147 &qo=44
Close up of rear:
http://aquarianfetishist.deviantart....837147 &qo=71
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