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Thank you Zaiten! I'll add these to my Guide.

Parking map is *done, in that I need to take a trip to Market Center and verify whether or not a few of these lots have towing notices posted for after hours. Just because a building is public DOESN'T mean you can safely park there after business hours without being towed, and I'd like to be as sure as I can about some of these places.

The best bet for free parking this year is to park at the Dallas Market Center. I've embedded an official parking map from their website in my overall parking map so that people can see which areas are open/free for parking.

I've also finished the Guide to Public Transportation, including DART schedules/maps/fares and TRE maps/schedules/fares.

Now just need the Events calendar, A-Kon schedule, and Cosplayers' Guide, and I'm done for this year. Also, I will assemble all of these into a bookmarked PDF; I just need to wait until I have access again to Acrobat Pro.

Please keep up the tips for the Cosplayers Guide. If you have anything specifically regarding beginners/first time cosplayers, I'm particularly looking for that.
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