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OHMYGOD YOU GUYS. I GOT A BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE TODAY. HOLY CRAP. My parents let me use what was left of my student loan money to get it. I CAN'T EVEN. It is sooo nice, especially in comparison to my sad little Bernina. Like, WOW. This thing is professional grade! It has so many awesome features and it runs like a dream. The stitch quality is wonderful and when you backstitch- even if you completely let go of the fabric- THE DAMN THING STITCHES PERFECTLY IN-LINE WITH YOUR SEAM. LIKE, WTH. HOW EVEN. Seriously, my little Bernina feels like a TOY in comparison to this! I feel like I am really going to be able to get stuff done with this baby! I won't break down in tears or have as many rage-fueled outbursts as a result of a crappy machine that doesn't cooperate. I'm SO EXCITED to put it to good use! AHHHH. Okay, I'm done obsessing for now.

For the record, it's a Janome Memory Craft 6600 P, if you're in the market for a new machine and want to see what I'm raving about. :P

In other news, not much progress here. I have been working on my friend's Catching Fire dress, but I need more materials, so I will probably pick Rapunzel back up tomorrow and see how much I can get done with my new baby. XD

Faraday- I LOVE the Sugar Rush accessories! Also, good luck in the Iron Wig competition- I hope you go far!

LKD- I LOVE the Tink dress! Soo sparkly!
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