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Susie-I saw your machine post! It looks awesome! I love the new machine feel x3

Faraday- Your eyelash glue method is genius! XD I can't wait to see! Also I loved your iron wig entry! Can't wait to see more x3

Stars- yay hemming xD Post pics when your done!

Aeviking- ugh I hate sleeve I always leave them for last. I rather hem a million circle skirts xD can't wait to see your Merida! For mine, I'm making the underdress sleeve less and incorporating the sleeve into the over dresses sleeves so it won't be so bulky and confusing ><

Aimee- I'm so jelly that you can use such a bright red >< looks so horrible against my skin tone bleach bath plz

Furie- aaw don't be x3 I've made 9 Tink dresses since I've started sewing @-@ that's more than the years I've been sewing. What's bugging you about the lining?

Modern- thanks x3 Im having such a hard time selling her @-@ SOMEONE BUY IT LOL Ive been wanting to use the money to celebrate a friends bday all huge but nope no luck
I can't wait to see more pics of your dress

Hmm my progress..I've cut out everything for my Rapunzel commission..I just need to sew the pieces together so I can fit her. Unfortunately, I can't until like two weeks from now when she's free and get the rest of the supplies till then so I can't finish it in the time I wanted to >< oh well, no biggie since the actual deadline is 7 months from now haha I just want it done!

I have a Tink gig this Saturday but I don't have a dress for myself xD
I'm going to spend this coming week making one, yay Tenth dress! XDD

I'm going to work on my Merida belt this week too :3

oh I got my wig in the mail a few days ago and went crazy xD

And some insane gifs of it xD
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