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Follow Through -- This Website

I know there's been issues with this website since it started its "facelift" project. For those of you who are new here, or registered to this website post-construction, we were told the forum would be upgraded, changed, renovated, whatever you want to call it. However, as those who have been here during the whole process, that's obviously not the case. In fact, I can't recall when they even told us it was being done since it was so long ago. It's bordering on the side of ridiculousness.

Anyway, I can't say what administration is doing, has to do, can't do, won't do and I won't pretend to know. However, I know myself and plenty of others are really, really tired of never knowing where this site is going (if anywhere). Off the top of my head, the following needs to be fixed:

1) Photo Avatars -- This is the only forum I've ever registered on/moderated/posted on that requires such a small, specific file size for avatars. I'm assuming it does not automatically re-size photos, which I find odd.

2) Drop Down Menu -- Simple. Why does it still do this?

3) Costume Trash Can -- This is just silly. You see these instructions when you go to the following --> Costume --> Click a specific costume --> Edit Costume:

However, in order to actually delete your outfit, you have to go to the costumes drop down menu, select "Costume Administration" and then click the trash can icon, all in a different page. It's minor, but misleading instructions are always an easy fix.

4) Buddy List -- This was added with the lift, though it remains incomplete. I can't click on their name, their posts don't show up, there are no updates. What is the point of this function?

5) US Convention Forums -- There are numerous ones that are ghost towns and several in the "Others" list that user make each year that blow up with traffic. These need to be added as permanent forums. If the list is too long, just turn the US Convention Forums into a sub forum and put the list in there to keep the main page from being too congested.

6) Photo Uploads -- In a very photo-centered hobby, the photo upload process for this site is...awful. Really, really awful. There's no real ability to automatically re-size photos, so you're constantly doing it yourself, or running into size caps, making you upload one or two photos at a time.

800kb is nice (I guess) since it use to be 400-500kb. The 2Mb total is a little strange, since it keeps me at about two photos maximum. It's made me pretty much just stop bothering with uploading here due to how long it actually takes. This has been for forever. Don't tell us one thing and then never do it. The people that frequent this site deserve better.

Is "shortly" code for...never?

There's many more, but apparently I'm limited to six photos per post. I'll leave it at that for now then. Look, I like this site as much as the next cosplayer, but it feels like it's run by hamsters on wheels half the time. Either finish the projects you promised, or stop promising them. I'd love to see the changes, but I won't hold my breath.
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