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To lose fat the best way is to START eating healthy.
Best way to go about that is choosing better and healthier meals,
and cutting out anything that can jeopardize your diet.
Ex. soda, chips, butter, ice cream, pizze, cheeze, etc.
Go search the net on how to prepare healthy meals and educate yourself
to better understand how to go about losing weight the right way.

Here are a few good tips.
-Drink 12 oz. of water before /after a meal
-Eat fruits instead of juice
-If you have a sweet tooth just eat a fruit
-Sleep early to avoid midnight cravings <---(My worst problem when I first started)
-Drink/Take Green Tea or pills
-Take Omega-3 Fish Oil Pills
-Take Multi-Vitamins
-Be SURE to not starve yourself (Your metabolism will decline very fast)
-ALWAYS eat breakfast to avoid your metabolism from dropping

Well, I can go on and on, but I hope you found these tips useful. Good luck.

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