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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
With new accounts, they limit your ability to post some things until you hit a certain submission count. It looks like amazing work so far.

What software do you tend to use? What job do you do that gives you access to a laser cutter? I'm quite jealous. I work for a govt contractor myself, so I get to see all sorts of similar wonderful equipment, but since the govt technically owns it, I don't get to play with it
Yeah I understand why accounts are limited, that's just weird that some of my posts made it through moderation queue and others didn't.

For the 3D modeling I used Blender. It's a free program, but the interface is a little dense for total newbies getting into 3D design. That said, there are a ton of really great video tutorials available online, I strongly recommend the ones on There are also other modeling packages that may be easier to get into if you've never done it before.

For the 2D laser cutting stuff, I used Inkscape. It's a free design programmer, kind of similar to Illustrator. You can very easily create vector images, which you will eventually use in your laser cutting. I do not own or have personal access to a laser cutter. I got all of my stuff done through a member from who has access to one. But, I have also used for laser cutting services and they are extremely affordable.
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