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Originally Posted by animazn View Post
I want to make a japanese kimono for a cosplay. I'm thinking more of a yukata(summer kimono) for it, because the con is in summer and I don't want to die of heat o.O I've seen people say making a kimono is like SUPER hard. But, some people say its easy as putting it together with bed I'm kinda clueless at this point. I can't really sew, but I have a friend who can and will probably teach me.

Here's some pics:!.full.130740.jpg
There are several threads that come up when looking for +sewing +kimono and +pattern. Try, Common Questions about Costume Making by Godsavethequeen and "Must Have" (sewing, etc.) books for cosplay by alrasha to start with. I personal use Make your own Japanese Clothes by John Marshall. Obi can be a pain to make and put on. Some people make false Obi instead.
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