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Pick and choose. I. Hate. That.

I hate when people say "z0mg you're doing this/not doing this you're going to a horrible place that has a different name based on my religion". But then if you read that religions holy book, you see that "Hey, you're also not supposed to do this, or this, or that.." and they just conveniently ignore that.. If you're going to come at me for something, then live your holy book 100%, not what you deem convenient and inconvenient.

Also when people act as if me not following their religion or doing something against their religious beliefs impacts their lives in any way, shape, or form. I'm not Christian? I MUST BE RUINING THEIR LIFE. I'm not Jewish? RUINING YOUR LIFE. I'm not Catholic? HERE I GO, RUINING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Like srsly. My beliefs have literally zero impact on your life. Stahp.
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