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Originally Posted by Elosion12 View Post
I was planning on going to Zenkaikon 2013 but my group BAILED on me! I was so upset because I spent all this time working on these two costumes and now they aren't going to be used! I'd love to find someone who's willing to go with me! I will be cosplaying Marceline from Adventure Time and a Femme Oogie Boogie
Femme Oogie Boogie? I've never thought of that, I'd like to see it! I'm going as well, only I never had a group to begin with... o.O
Otakon 2016 cosplays:
-Hotarumaru (Touken Ranbu)
-Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)
-Koizumi Hanayo (Love Live!)

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