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Name: Nora
Location: Panning on moving to Orlando this Aug but currently in Chicago
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Interests: Writing, Film Making, History, Cosplaying, Drawing, Reading and a bunch of other stuff

Summary: I've been cosplaying for 4 years and i am really excited to continue when i go into college next year. I'm a really chill and sweet girl. I am looking for anyone who wants to have a cosplay partner

Favorite Media--

Anime: hetalia, pokemon, kuroshitsuji, code Geass, FMA, Black Cat, Trigun, Princess Tutu and much more

Comics:Batman, Batman and Robin, Robin, Nightwing, Redhood and the Outlaws, Batgirl,Winter Soldier, Avengers, Deadpool, Captain America, and a ton more.

Others: Disney

You are welcome to PM me
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