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The cloak I'm trying to make is from a manga, so there aren't any color pictures or detail to it. I'm going by historical context since I don't have a detailed image to mimic.


The manga is set in Anatolia, which is ancient Turkey and has a hot climate. In this case, the cloak is being worn by members of the high ranking military officers, but I don't think any fancy fabric would be used for a cloak. And since the setting is in around 3000 BC, I'm assuming that there aren't any machines to make any incredibly refined fabrics, which is why I'm going with a basic wool. By wool I'm imagining something that's sorta scratchy, but not irritating to feel.

I have no idea what types/blends of wools exist, so I don't know what's best. And wool in general is pretty expensive, which is why I'm looking for cheaper similar kinds.

It looks like the cloak flows nicely, so the fabric shouldn't be too heavy.

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