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Hiya from Cape Cod, Massachusetts~!

Hi there~

So uhm I'm a beginner cosplayer. I started last year. My first and only con so far was Anime Boston 2012. I'm afraid Anime Boston will be the only con I'll attend because I kinda freak when I'm in a car for any longer than an hour and 15 minutes and flying is expensive with all of my Cosplay luggage x.x I'm kinda sorta wicked shy. I have a terribly hard time talking to people and it takes a while for me to adjust to a person(I'm sociaphobic x.x). So if you talk to me and I'm awkward, I apologize in advance x.x

As shy as I am I really love making new friends so if you're looking for a new friend message me~ ^^

I think that's about all >.>

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Marceline: 0%
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