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Shaman King Photoshoot/Gathering

update: I'm no longer able to attend AUSA, but I'll still update this so all the info is correct. If I missed something let me know ^^

Decided to throw this here, since there's a real good chance I won't make it to Otakon this year. I was planning on having a Shaman King luncheon this year, if anyone is up for it I'm willing to host it at AUSA.

This will be my first attending AUSA, so if you have any suggestions on where and when let me know. Also, if someone would like to be my partner in crime, per say, let me know. I'm not 100% sure I'll be attending or not, but I would love it if this could still be done in my absence that would be awesome.

Photoshoot/Meet up
Saturday @ 12:00 pm
Meet at Reg

after photoshoot

Shaman King(a.k.a. host)
Quinn The Spazz

Quinn The Spazz - Faust VIII
Quinn The Spazz's Friend - Manta
chibierwin - Yoh
simpbass - Bokuto no Ryu
SKNeko - Yohane Asakura
13Kai-Kai - Anna
13Kai-Kai's friend - Tamao

if anyone would like to be our designated photog, let me know.

.2014 cons.
Katsucon - Maybe
Madicon - Attending

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