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Oh I'm sorry, I was using my phone.

For that one you can still use the pattern you linked. It's very close. You would obviously be altering it though. You would need to make it longer (which is the easy part) then figuring out how much is the white ruffle and how much is the red coat. I believe you would have to do all the ruffling yourself, which will be a pain. Then you have to alter the collar and upper chest area, I would take what they have and cut a triangle out of both fronts and have them end at the base of the collar, then use a hook/eye to close that, you will have that gem hanging from it so it needs something to clip to, making the hook/eye have another use. After that you sould cut a strip the length and width of the collar (x2) put interfacing in it, and sew it up, then use the correct color bias tape and fabric glue it around the edges.

I think the button up is a better way to go anyway, as she HAS button on her coat..It just doesn't look like it has separate parts because, well, it's a cartoon lol
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